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Rapper Bun B Talks About The Time Jay Z Had Him Kicked Off The Set Of Beyonce’s Video

Written by on July 15, 2020

Rapper Bun B from the legendary Houston rap group UGK recently revealed in a interview about the time Jay-Z kicked him and his Entourage off the set of Beyonce’s video.

Bun B said the incident took place back in 2005 when Beyonce was shooting a video to her hit single “Check Up On It” featuring Slim Thug.
According to Bun B, Beyonce had on some revealing outfits during the video shoot and when Jay caught wind that there were a bunch of men on the set of the video it made him uncomfortable and he called one of Beyonce’s assistants and told them that everybody had to leave.
Bun B said he was at the video shoot with his wife and 7 other people and totally understood Jay-Z concerns.
Not sure if Jay-Z was insecure that somebody would try to flirt with Beyonce or he was just playing it safe to avoid any mishaps from happening on the video set.
When Beyonce learned would happen she immediately apologized to Bun B and his Entourage and Bun B said no hard feelings were taken.

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