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President Trump Said No Funding For Post Office Because Of Mail In Voting

Written by on August 17, 2020

At this point, Donald Trump is overtly trying to manipulate the 2020 presidential election. In his White House briefing Thursday he said he is not going to give the United States Post Office any money. But the kicker is why he is against the much-needed funding. Trump said he is not going to give the post office money because it’s “election money.”

He added he isn’t giving them money for “something that is going to turn out fraudulent.” Not kidding you can see and hear it for yourself with the video via CNBC below.

With Donald Trump blatantly trying to manipulate the 2020 election in his favor, how can we trust he will have the American people’s best interest?

Simple, we can’t. He would rather sacrifice the livelihood of hard word working Americans for his greater good.

Stay woke my people, vote, and please stay informed!

Listen to what 45 said when asked about the funding for the Post Office. The mark is at 25:22.

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