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Pepsi Offers An Explanation Via Twitter And Apologizes To Kendall Jenner

Written by on April 5, 2017

Pepsi took to social media attempting to explain themselves after receiving backlash from the insensitive viral ad they released yesterday (see prior post on WDKX.com). They also apologized to Kendall Jenner who starred in the commercial in the same tweet. 


Ummmm I’m not buying it and I don’t feel like it was sincere. #toolittletoolate

Pepsi pulled the ad unfortunately the damage was done and Kendall was caught up in the crossfire.

With just now Pepsi apologizing I have one theory in mind on why (there are always three reasons for the why in business I was once told) – Momager Kris Jenner. I think she got on the phone and made them calls thus handling the situation resulting with Pepsi pulling the ad then saying sorry. Again, this is just my theory!

Kris does not play when it comes to business and her children especially when they are a part of Drag Season on social media.

Pepsi might want to revamp or refresh their marketing department. I’m just saying.

In case you missed it here is social media’s reaction.






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