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#Ooops FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Gun While Dancing

Written by on June 4, 2018

Not only is Blocboy JB new dance in Fortnite it is now real life for a FBI agent in Denver, Colorado. *cue Shoot by Blocboy JB* 
So an off duty FBI agent decided it would be a good idea to dance with his gun and as you will see in the video it was loaded with the safety off.
As the FBI agent did a backflip his gun fell out and when he picked the gun up it went off shooting a man in the leg. What’s even crazier is the agent puts the gun back in his holster then walks off with a it wasn’t me grin on his face not even checking on the man he just shot.

The man who was shot is okay and the injury was not life threatening.
The jokes.
When you bust a move but bust a clip.

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