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NYC Absentee Ballots Printed In Error Rochester Printing Company At Fault

Written by on September 29, 2020

Well, this is very not good.

A Rochester-based printing company is at fault for misprinting absentee ballots. According to NPR, there were about 100,000 absentee ballots sent to the wrong people. Voters in Brooklyn, N.Y. were not only sent ballots with the wrong name they were also mailed to the wrong address.

Pheonix Graphics were given the contract to print and distribute the absentee ballots for $4.6 million in May. Because of the error in printing the company agreed to pay for the cost of reprinting the ballots correctly.

It is still unknown exactly how many incorrectly printed absentee ballots were sent out.

The Executive Director of the N.Y.C. Board Of Elections Michael Ryan said “We want to, out of an abundance of caution, give a reprinted ballot to all of the voters potentially affected in that first print run.”

*Insert WOOOOOOW in Al Parisi voice*

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