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NY pharmacies can now provide birth control without prescription

Written by on March 21, 2024

New York state has authorized pharmacies to provide birth control without a prescription, a move announced by Governor Kathy Hochul and Health Commissioner James McDonald. This landmark decision, effective from Tuesday, March 19, 2024, is designed to enhance accessibility to contraceptives and underscore the state’s commitment to women’s health rights. The approved measure permits pharmacists to dispense three types of self-administered hormonal contraceptives—oral pills, vaginal rings, and contraceptive patches—potentially covered by health insurance. This initiative is celebrated by healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, for broadening healthcare services and recognizing the vital role pharmacists play in patient care. The policy aims to benefit women across various demographics, particularly those in low-income or rural areas, by removing the necessity for a doctor’s visit to obtain birth control. Health Commissioner McDonald highlighted the convenience and accessibility this change brings, especially for those who find visiting a doctor challenging. Approximately 85% of pharmacies are expected to participate in this program, although some logistical aspects of implementation are still being fine-tuned.

Source: WHAM

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