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Written by on February 10, 2017

People are canceling their Netflix accounts in response to the release of the new Netflix series Dear White People.

On Wednesday, Netflix released a first look at the trailer for their upcoming show Dear White People, based on the 2014 film Dear White People.

Soon after the trailer release, members of  “alt-right,” a white supremacist group, took to twitter complaining how to show will put white people in a negative light. The group claims the Netflix show promotes “white genocide” and that it is filled with anti-white innuendoes. The show hasn’t even aired & I’m sure Netflix wouldn’t stream anything to incite genocide. It’s all a bit melodramatic for me. White genocide, really? Sit down.

In the trailer, she’s simply asking her peers not to mock her culture. That’s just my opinion though, what do you think?

Watch the trailer for the show below:

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