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NikkieTutorials “I’m Coming Out.”

Written by on January 16, 2020

The YouTube star NikkieTutorials has come out as transgender after a little over 10 years of her successful career on YouTube. Nikkie started her transition at just 14 years old and started her YouTube channel at this age as well in 2008. She fully transitioned at 19 years old and says she has been living her entire life as a female.


Her mother originally thought that she was going to have a girl all throughout her pregnancy with Nikkie and was surprised to find out that she was actually having a boy! Little did she know, she truly was having a girl all along.

I was surprised to hear this news, as was her audience in the comment section of her “I’m Coming Out.” video that was posted just 2 days ago and now has over 25 million views! Many people assumed when they saw her colorful thumbnail that she would come out as either bisexual or lesbian but, she came out as transgender.

Her audience’s reaction of being surprised wasn’t a negative response toward Nikkie; people were genuinely surprised.

I personally would’ve never guessed but, this will not change my thoughts and views about her and overall Nikkie seems to be getting a positive response to her brave transparency. A person doesn’t change because of sharing such personal news like this and as she addressed to her 12.9 million subscribers, she’s still the same Nikkie and always will be!

The same strong women who posts various and fun makeup tutorials etc. and the only difference is the fact that she has shared such a touchy subject that she is now proud of in her life, on the Internet.

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