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NFL Video: Bills Coach Ken Dorsey Lost Temper In Booth After Late Game Loss

Written by on September 26, 2022

Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey lost it, after the final play of the game against the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon. The Bills raced up to the new line of scrimmage to spike the ball but ultimately ran out of time and were not able to get a snap off. The ending proved to be anticlimactic as the Dolphins held on to to win the AFC contest, 21–19.

Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey embodied that frustration as he had a shocking outburst after the final play. Video from the press box showed Dorsey ripping off his headset and slamming it down on the table before picking up his tablet and crumpling a pile of papers in front of him. He repeatedly smashed the tablet on the surface before tossing it to his left side, causing the camera that captured the footage to go out. Click Here To Read More.

Source: SI

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