New York Flu Season Hasn’t Reached Peak Despite High Number of Cases

Written by on February 14, 2020

New York State officials are saying the flu season has not yet reached it’s peak in the state.

The week of February 8th the state has more than 17000 confirmed cases of the flu and that’s just one week of cases.  Governor Andrew cuomo says this is the highest in weekly cases within the last 20 years.
The New York State flu tracker confirm 695 cases in Monroe County alone. We all heard how some of the flu cases in Monroe county were fatal.

Please wash your hands and wipe down all countertops at home work or where ever you’re at and if you go out to eat use plastic ware instead of silverware.

For you parents out there, if your kids are sick keep their behinds out of school and other public places interacting with other children.
Same rules apply for you adults if you’re not feeling well or if you’re already sick please don’t go to work. I know we all need money but we all need to be healthy in order to get that money.
Let’s just try our best to stay healthy please.
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