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New Species Of Spider Discovered In Australia

Written by on March 22, 2023

Here is your dose of science for the week. Scientists discover a new species of trapdoor spiders in Australia. The new species has been named Euoplos dignitas. The name means “dignity” or “greatness” and thats because of the size of spider.

The name trapdoor is exactly what this spider does to catch it’s prey. The spiders construct burrows into the ground and then build silken-hinged doors. They feed by opening the trap doors swiftly and then snatching unsuspecting insects as they pass by.

It is so fascinating how we are still discovering life on this planet! Don’t get me started about our ocean’s and the incredible amount of undiscovered life and more in them. Anyway, if you are not familiar with Australia let me tell you they are home to some pretty amazing arachnids. By amazing I mean BIG!

Check out the video to see this incredible creature.

Source: NBCNEWS.com

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