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New Jersey Mail Carrier Arrested And Charged With Dumping Mail And Election Ballots

Written by on October 9, 2020

A mail carrier in New Jersey is facing charges for dumping mail in a dumpster. The mail carrier, 26-year-old Nicholas Beauchene was arrested and charged with one count of delay of mail and obstruction of mail. According to the Department Of Justice, Beauchene worked for the Postal Service since July.

He is accused of throwing over 1,800 pieces of mail which included election ballots in two dumpsters over two days.

The dumped mail was found by a man in North Arlington while he was taking out his garbage. He saw the mail in one of the dumpsters and immediately called authorities.

All of the mail was delivered to the recipients according to the DOJ. Beauchene can receive a sentence up to five years and six months because of the mail dumping. He would also be fined $255,000 if convicted.

The article did not say why he dumped the mail. I wonder if he was running behind or something?

Either way, his timing is horrible with the election around the corner which is one of the most important elections in U.S. history.

Source: CNN.com

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