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New Bill Proposes A Big Gas Tax Increase

Written by on April 23, 2021

Gas prices will most likely go up but not because of the usual reasons. New York State and the rest of the country and world are moving to clean renewable energy to prevent climate change. There is a new bill that calls for a pretty significant tax increase on gas.

This is not just for gas for your car but natural gas, propane, and fuel oil to heat homes. My suggestion is to begin to get prepared now for the changes coming in the very near future. Things that operate on gas products will become more and more expensive in an effort to promote renewable energy.

You still have some time if this new bill passes it will take a year for it to enact. With that said start thinking about going electric now for a vehicle and find cleaner ways to heat your home. If not you’ll be paying a lot more. The tax on gas for this bill would be an extra 55 cents per gallon.

The Climate and Community Investment Act is currently in the House Committee.

To read about the bill depth click nysenate.gov

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