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More Females Are Contracting COVID-19 In Monroe County

Written by on May 30, 2020

The more you know the better the decisions you can make especially when it comes to you health. With that said in Monroe County there are currently 34 new cases and 187 hospitalizations from COVID-19. Seven people have died from the coronavirus locally since Thursday.

We are still losing people to COVID-19 so it is very important to protect your circle even with everything that is happening across the country. Make sure you wear your mask in public and still implement social distancing when you can.

A few facts about COVID-19 here in Monroe County is females are contracting the disease at a higher rate than males and are more likely to die than males.

The county released a breakdown of data for age, race, and sex for COVID-19 cases. It lists 2,554 positive COVID-19 cases in the area with 994 of those males and 1,560 of the cases females. The total number of people who have died from the disease 181 with 85 males and 96 females.

To see the complete breakdown of cases in Monroe County click MC COVID-19

The total number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Monroe County is 2,808 and a the total number of people who have recovered so far is 1,560.

In the United States 102,836 have died from the virus. The U.S. has the highest total number of deaths from the coronavirus in the world.

Please be safe and wear your mask.

You can get more information from the COVID-19 Dashboard in regards to all of the current numbers in our area.

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