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Mississippi and Alaska Become The First States To Allow Anyone Over 16 To Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Written by on March 16, 2021

Mississippi has become the second state to open up vaccines for all of its adult residents, age 16 and up.

As the production and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine begins to increase, states like Mississippi and Alaska are beginning to allow anyone who would like a vaccine to be able to receive one.

The increase in volume is being encouraged by President Joe Biden, who would like all Americans to be inoculated by May first.

He and other officials are also hoping we can get more Americans vaccinated before the virus mutates and different strains rip across the country.

According to this list of vaccine eligibility by state, New York eligibility is currently under the phased distribution plan, where essential workers, educators, first responders and New Yorkers age 60 and older are able to receive the vaccine.


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