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Missing Man Found – 40 Years Later

Written by on October 18, 2017

Turns out he’s been living a double life. 

In 1977, Jeffrey Michels failed to report for duty at an Air Force Base in North Dakota.

Last week he was discovered living comfortably in Florida with a wife and three children as “Jeffrey Lantz.”

He even obtained a business license in the late 90s under his fake name.

Michels was discovered after a photo of him was posted to a missing Veteran Facebook page.

He is currently in custody of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations for failing to report for duty.

There is no statute of limitations for deserting a military post, so he will stand trial in military court.

No word if his wife and family knew about his secret past.

What would you do if you found out your husband/wife was living a double life?

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