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Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Talks About COVID-19, The Economy, Conspiracy Theories, And Schools

Written by on April 29, 2020

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft talks about reopening the United States and how to get the schools going. The billionaire also gives his thoughts on the economy opening up via CNN with Fareed Zakaria.


Gates gives an estimation on when we will know more on schools opening and how we will go about opening schools, testing, and the level of infections in schools. He also talks about the inequity in education in communities with high levels of poverty. The interesting thing Bill Gates said in the video is colleges will most likely open before primary and secondary schools.

The philanthropist and billionaire discusses a vaccine timeline and the conspiracy theories that target his name.

Pretty interesting even if you are not into science. Bill Gates is a billionaire so just listening might make you feel smarter and richer lol.


Source: CNN.com

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