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Mayor Brandon Scott and Black Twitter Cause the Term ‘DEI’ to Go Viral

Written by on March 30, 2024

Mayor Brandon Scott of Baltimore has caused the term “DEI” (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) to trend on Black Twitter after providing a new interpretation of the acronym in response to Republican lawmakers. These lawmakers had controversially linked DEI initiatives to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a move Scott criticized during an appearance on “The Reid Out” with Joy Reid. Accusing the lawmakers of using “DEI” as a dog whistle in the context of a tragic event, Scott offered an alternative meaning: “duly elected incumbent.” He suggested that underlying their critique was a reluctance to directly express racist sentiments against Black individuals, particularly young Black men, whom he feels are often unfairly demonized. Scott’s comments have sparked a flurry of humorous and supportive reactions on Black Twitter, highlighting the ongoing conversation about race, representation, and political rhetoric.

Source: BET

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