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Man Arrested After Whooping Child

Written by on February 16, 2017

A 25 year old man in Florida was arrested for spanking a 5 year old girl.

Dennis Murdock decided to discipline the 5 year old child after learning she was misbehaving in preschool. When the child’s mother came to pick her up at the end of the weekend, she noticed bruises on the little girls backside and thighs from a belt.

Murdock was shocked when police claim to collect him reportedly saying, “I can’t believe it’s illegal to whoop (a child).” He claimed he was only trying to teach the little girl a lesson that acting out in school is unacceptable. He continued to say that after her whooping,  he reminded her he loved her and asked her not to do it again.

He was released a day later but has been ordered by the court to stay away from minor children and especially the little girl. His relationship to the little girl has yet to be revealed.

According to law, discipline of a child is legal, if it does not leave any lasting physical or emotional pain.

  • Is the physical injury on a high-risk body area?
  • Are there injuries on both the front and the back of the child?
  • Does the explanation of what happened consistent with the injury?
  • Was an instrument used?
  • Are there patterns of similar incidents?

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