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Local Mushroom Farm Wins Huge Award

Written by on December 8, 2020

A local Rochester mushroom farm has just won a huge cash prize of $250,000 from the GrowNYFarms competition.

Leep Foods, located in a small industrial park outside of the city, was competing with other farms all over the world for the prize.

“This is the base ingredient,” said Luke Luft, the production manager and mycologist, pointing to hardwood pellets from Arcade in Wyoming County. Those pellets are soaked in water to create dust. It gets mixed with other ingredients like organic grains from Penn Yan. The bags, or blocks, are then heated to over 200°F. The whole point of the bag is to make an artificial log inside the bag that you know is going to do exactly what you want.”

The CEO of Leep Foods, Jeff Adair is proud of his team and says that their product tastes different than your average store bought mushroom:

“We grow ours on American hardwoods, and it gives it a distinct flavor,” said Adair. “We grow blue oyster and we grow lions mane.”

If you’d like to try them for yourself, look on shelves in Wegmans, Tops and Palmers Meat Market.


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