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Kentucky AG Delays Release of Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Transcripts {VIDEO}

Written by on October 2, 2020

Kentucky Attorney General pulled a quick move to delay the release of the Grand Jury transcripts in the Breonna Taylor case.
A judge had ordered the recordings to be made public by 9am PST Wednesday, but AG Cameron’s office filed a motion late Tuesday to delay the release for another week. Why? Well, he told the judge he needed time to redact a few things from the proceedings; in order to protect the identity of the witnesses.

The circuit court judge, Ann Bailey Smith gave Cameron and his crew 2 days to get it together. That means we should have a look at the 2 1/2 days deliberation on Friday October 2, 2020.

Breonna Taylor’s family, attorneys and activist demanded the release of the Grand Jury documents and audio recordings the day after the verdict came in last week.

But it wasn’t until a unidentified grand juror in the case filed a separate court motion asking for transparency in the proceedings and accusing AG Cameron of not seeking justice for Breonna Taylor.

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