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Kath Williams Out Here Shakin' It Like A Salt Shaker

Written by on May 5, 2018

With our current President in office we all thought Kath Williams was going to lay low, well at least that was what he told us, but trouble has found him again. This time in the form of a salt shaker.  
Comedian Kath Williams “allegedly” threw a salt shaker at a restaurant employee on April 26th that resulted in the individual going to the hospital needing 10 stitches.
The restaurant employee claims Kath Williams became agitated  for no reason and then threw the glass salt shaker. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia.
Hmm.. I wonder if Katt knows something we don’t like maybe the President won’t be in office much longer??
I guess we will see because Kath Williams did say he was staying out of trouble while the current administration is in order.
*cue* Ying Yang Twins – Salt Shaker now
Source: WSBTV.com

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