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Judas And The Black Messiah Is Not Just A Movie

Written by on February 18, 2021

Over the weekend I watched the Judas and The Black Messiah movie which is a fantastic film. Now I knew the history before I watched the movie and my only thought was please get this right. The director Shaka King did exactly that.

Whether you call them messiahs, leaders, disciples, or messengers our black ancestors left us many playbooks. Fred Hampton is one of them as he was assassinated at only 21 years old. Just think about that for a moment. The United States government assassinated him because he was “too POWERFUL.”

Really contemplate that for a moment.

This was not just a movie THIS was Fred Hamptons’ reality. A true leader of his generation and not only was he, someone who spoke for his people or spoke to his people he taught, he learned, and he took care of his community. He united people including racist whites under the “Rainbow Coalition” to fight oppression, poverty, and police violence. Do you really understand what all of this means?

Our ancestors have created the playbooks but it is up to us and future generations to look back for guidance in the present and progress toward the future.

Again, this is not just a movie. Reading some of the “movie critics” reviews and reviews in general that this is a magnificent movie and they cried and laughed (white audiences) which I agree is indeed a great movie. But, and this is a big BIG but you must understand this was and still is a reality for black and brown people. Police violence, systemic racism, poverty, and health care disparities.

Let it be more than just a movie, let it inspire you to do better and be better. Allow it to lead you to create a world that is filled with love and equality instead of hate and injustice.

It is still up to us to continue to uplift our communities and turn injustice into justice. We must work to setting future generations up to inherit wealth breaking the cycle of racism, violence, and poverty.





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