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Joaquin Phoenix Uses His Platform To Speak On Systemic Racism

Written by on February 4, 2020

Joaquin Phoenix won for best actor as Joker at the 2020 EE British Academy of Film and Television Arts Sunday. His acceptance speech is what has everyone talking.

My thoughts on what Joaquin Phoenix said in his speech is I think he did a phenomenal job! He spoke what was on his heart and mind and you felt him. It is not only important but necessary for people like him to stand up and honestly calling out a system designed to keep black people out.

For him to admit that he has been a part of the problem because he did not do everything in his power to ensure the sets he’s on are inclusive took courage. Courage most whites do not have because they don’t want to lose their privileges or be ostracized. So Joaquin thank you for speaking up and attempting to create change.

Wether we want to admit it or not we must have allies if we want to eradicate systemic racism and racism as a whole. We all must work together to continue to change the world.

Joaquin you are this week’s MVP.

Check out Joaquin Phoenix acceptance speech and let us know your thoughts on what he said. Text 585-678-1039




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