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Issa Sex Therapist

Written by on May 11, 2017

A strip club in New York City attempted to avoid a $3.1 million tax bill by claiming nontaxable services like sex therapy and therapeutic masseuse.


The Penthouse Executive Club said their dancers are not only strippers but specialize in sexual healing i.e. love and sex therapist. 

Say what?!… Y’all really REALLY tried it.

Anyways, the club claimed what they offer are nontaxable services and it’s not entertainment but more like therapeutic massages done in a sensual manner preformed by a sex therapist.

The NY state taxes tribunal said hell to the naw.. na-na-na-naw you won’t get away with your shenanigans. The club owes $3.1 million in state taxes.

Maybe they can hold a strip-a-thon to pay for the taxes I mean they made $28.4 million in sales thus the tax bill.

I guess you can’t knock them for trying!

Source: NYDailyNews.com



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