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Issa Rae Working With Tubi To Will Help Support Young Filmmakers

Written by on May 14, 2024

Issa Rae  and co-founder Talitha Watkins of ColorCreative‘s production and management, recently joined forces with Tubi, a streaming platform that has significantly grown in popularity largely because of Black viewers and filmmakers. As HuffPost editor Phil Lewis points out in his newsletter, “Tubi isn’t just a streaming service for fans to enjoy—it has become an outlet for independent Black filmmakers to showcase their art.” Rae agrees. She started her career leveraging a community-based platform (YouTube) to tell her stories long before Hollywood studios were knocking on her door. Now she’s helping turbocharge the careers of filmmakers aiming to do the same. ColorCreative and Tubi recently announced the launch Stubios, a fan-fueled studio for aspiring filmmakers and their fans.

Tubi’s Stubios is a program for creatives that enables their fans to have a say in what gets made. It aims to support first-time filmmakers and creatives from non-traditional backgrounds create larger scale film projects with the help and guidance of the ColorCreative team. The application window officially opened this month, where applicants can apply straight from their phones. Much like with its viewers, Tubi’s aim with Stubios is to meet prospective filmmakers where they already are.

Source: Essence

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