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Is The Governor Of Florida Breaking Laws Sending Immigrants To Other States?

Written by on September 15, 2022

It’s election season and some politicians are doing things that are simply unethical and ugly to obtain votes. Using people as human pawns almost literally by transporting them to places strategically to make a statement is not okay.

In a sense, isn’t this the same thing as trafficking?

Putting illegal immigrants on planes and buses and sending them to the backyard of VP Kamala Harris or Martha’s Vineyard is irresponsible on all levels. And then gloating about it is truly NOT American. I don’t know how we got to this point but it is not going to end the way these irresponsible politicians think.

Doing things that could put people in a bad situation with ill intentions and malice will not get you very far. The time will come when you have to face the destruction and chaos you caused.

Pay attention to what some of these politicians are doing. If they are using their powers to traffic people across the country to “prove a point” just think of what they could do to get a point across.

Please do your research and inform yourself before you vote.

Click here to read how the Governor of Florida sent immigrants across the country.

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