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Ice Spice Embraces the Humor

Written by on September 20, 2023

Ice Spice was the talk of the online community when her “tragic” scrambled egg concoction was widely critiqued on social platforms.

A post on X (previously known as Twitter) by user @YSLONIKA showcased the deleted video of Ice Spice somewhat hesitantly combining eggs, raw onions, spinach, and tomatoes. Throughout her culinary adventure, Spice showed reservations and even remarked, “I don’t know, girl.” Despite her inexperience, she seasoned the dish with pepper and cheese, accepting that the outcome could be “really nasty” given her lack of cooking prowess. Upon tasting her dish, the rapper from the Bronx appeared underwhelmed. @YSLONIKA commented, “Ice Spice making breakfast and it looks… interesting,” humorously noting, “Well, at least she’s eating her spinach.”

Spotting the commentary, Ice Spice cheekily countered with, “pls delete,” paired with a range of expressive emojis, like the silly, sick, and spinning faces. Taking the online feedback in stride, the rapper even laughed off a user’s quip, responding with a lol to a jest that read, “got my stomach beatboxing.”

Source: BET

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