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How Amapiano Triple Threat Lady Du Got a Second Chance to Follow Her Music Dreams

Written by on February 18, 2024

South African Amapiano sensation Lady Du has made a remarkable comeback in the music industry after facing personal and professional setbacks. In 2021, amidst her rising fame with the hit “Superstar,” she endured significant losses, including her apartment and the end of a significant relationship. This period led her to a moment of despair, but she survived a suicide attempt and views her recovery as a second chance to pursue her dreams. Lady Du’s musical roots run deep, with a family background rich in DJing and music production. Despite starting in hip-hop, she found her niche in Amapiano, a genre she believes has opened doors for many in South Africa, providing a platform for youth and garnering international attention. She attributes her success to strategic collaborations within Amapiano and her ability to resonate internationally, partly due to her empathetic nature and diverse experiences abroad. Social media and platforms like Spotify have been instrumental in her rise, allowing her to navigate the male-dominated industry. With her debut album, “Song Is Queen,” released in 2023, Lady Du continues to use her music as a vessel for healing and unity, emphasizing her identity as a musician beyond anything else.

Source: BET

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