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Grocery Stores Limit Meat Purchases Due To Meat Shortage From COVID-19

Written by on May 5, 2020

Area grocery stores like Wegmans and Tops are limiting the purchase of some meat items.

Going grocery shopping for my parents this weekend was pretty challenging when it came to buying meat. The meat shelves in Wegmans and Tops were not as stocked with meat as they normally are. So please be mindful when going out to shop for food.

The coronavirus has put a strain on the food supply across the country. Meat plants have had to shut down production to ensure the safety of it’s employees because of that meat like beef and pork will be in short supply.

Wegmans and Tops announced it will be putting purchase limits on beef, chicken, and pork for the next few weeks.

For Wegmans: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast and  80% Ground Beef the limit is 2 packages per customer.

Other Meat items listed on the Wegmans website are:


Ground Meat






Tops Markets are limiting the following fresh meat items to 2 packages per customer:

Beef (including ground beef)


Pork (including ground pork)

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