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Governor Cuomo Wants To Remove Firearms From Domestic Abusers

Written by on December 13, 2017

#Frontliners we have a good news story for you coming straight from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk! It is sure to get pro-gun right folks all up in arms (pun intended).

So, Governor Cuomo is pushing for removal of guns from people who are convicted of domestic violence crimes.

Cuomo announced Wednesday he plans to introduce proposals to legislation in 2018 that will remove firearms immediately from individuals convicted domestic violence crimes which will also include misdemeanors.

He said he would include measures to keep people who are convicted of domestic violence from obtaining firearms.

Gov. Cuomo also stated that when it comes to mass shootings in America the gunmen have a history of threats to women and violence against women.

So gun owners or if you are pro-gun rights what are your thoughts on Cuomo’s new proposal?

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My thought, I am with Cuomo 100% on this one!

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