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Geva Theatre Somewhere Review By Reign

Written by on October 24, 2022

Over the weekend I went to see the production of Somewhere at Geva Theatre which was phenomenal! As cliche as it sounds, Somewhere is a must see so put this in your weekend to do. 

What I loved about this production in particular, is the relatability to not just one character but to all of the characters in some way. There is a balance I believe we all face as humans with dreaming big but also dealing with the reality of what is in front of you. It is easy to lose your way when putting everyone else’s needs first and yours to the side until things get better… But what if they don’t, at least, not right away? That weight you’re carrying can become overwhelming causing you to sacrifice your own dreams and forget your direction. 

This is Somewhere.

The way the actors embodied the characters you could feel the emotions of what they felt when in crisis or moments of joy, love, and laughter. I won’t give away too much because you have to experience Somewhere for yourself. 

So let’s get to the cast. Somewhere is by Matthew Lopez and directed by Zi Alikan.It was choreographed by Karla Puno Garcia.

Zuleyma Guevara who is absolutely beautiful plays the mother Inez Candelaria. I have to say she resembles Phylicia Rashad at first but when she smiles she gave Cardi B lol. I adored her!!

Eddie Gutierrez was exceptional, he plays the eldest son Alejandro Candelaria. The youngest brother Francisco is played by Ean Castellanos. He was funny, I loved his energy, and he also has nice arms.

Maria Cristina Posada played the little sister who was awesome and a beautiful dancer. Zach McNally played Jamie and was amazing!

The choreography was dope, I loved it! Officially one of my top 3 favorite productions at Geva Theatre.

Check out Somewhere on Wilson Stage at Geva Theatre October 18th – November 13th. For ticket information click here.


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