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#Frontliners Top Text Of The Week From "The Marvelist"

Written by on February 16, 2018

#Frontliners were on it today!
One of our #Frontliners whom we’ve named “The Marvelist” texted in this morning on the Wake Up Club to give a run down on all 18 Marvel Comics movie’s preparing us for Avengers: Infinity War.
So if you have not watched all of the movies you can catch up before or after Black Panther. Thank you #Frontliners!
(1/3) Here’s the order in which you should watch the movies
1. Captain America
2. Iron man
3. Iron man 2
4. Thor
5. The avengers
6. Iron man 3
7. Thor 2
8. Captain America 2
9. Guardians of the galaxy
10. Avengers 2
11. Ant man
12. Captain America 3
13. Doctor strange
14. Guardians of the galaxy 2
15. Spiderman Homecoming
16. Thor 3
17. Black Panther
18. Avengers: Infinity War
Dont forget the post credit scenes they are very important!

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