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Former Representative Marcia L. Fudge Sworn In As Secretary of Housing & Urban Development

Written by on March 12, 2021

Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris swore in former Rep. Marcia L. Fudge to serve as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The US Senate confirmed her 66-34, and she became the sixth African American to join the Biden Administration cabinet.

Before becoming Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Fudge was elected by the 111th district in Ohio to represent them in the House of Representatives and has held that position since 2008.

One of the first issues she will be working on in her new position in the HUD is the housing crisis that has resulted from the pandemic which has affected millions of Americans. She’s pledged to help those who are behind on rent payments due to income loss.

During her confirmation hearing in January, she said:

“My first priority as secretary would be to alleviate that crisis and get people the support they need to come back from the edge.”


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