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Feedback Friday Topic: Discipline Another Persons Out Of Control Child?

Written by on November 2, 2018

(DJ Sight) – Disrespectful and out of control kids in public are one of my pet peeves.
This video I came across on social media is the perfect example of what drives me crazy. 
I don’t know where this is but a mother took her son to a barbershop and when he got in the chair this little boy started acting out. The barbers at the barbershop tried to help get him under control but you can see the mom was very uncomfortable with them saying something to him or even putting on his boots and coat.
We always say it takes a village to raise a child so if you saw a little kid that’s out of control and being very disrespectful to their parent even hitting them would you step in and say something to the kid?
Text 678-1039 or call 222-1039 with your comments and thoughts on this situation.

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