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Don’t Worry Be Happy! Today Is World Happiness Day #Smile

Written by on March 20, 2017

Today is the day to be happy! No matter how bad or good things may be do your best today to bring yourself some happiness in honor of World Happiness Day 2017!! 

If you are not happy in right here in Rochester no worries you can head on up to Canada which is only like two hours away. Just make sure you have your enhanced license or passport so you can get back in America.

The reason I say take a trip to Niagara Falls and get your happy on is because Canada is ranked #7 in the world for the most happiest places! *Cues Drake – More Life Album*

According to the World Happiness Report Norway is ranked #1 for happiest places in the world. The report is a survey of the state of global happiness and ranks 155 countries. Unites States ranked #14.

The top ten countries are:

1. Norway

2. Denmark 

3. Iceland 

4. Switzerland

5. Finland 

6. Netherlands 

7. Canada 

8. New Zealand 

9. Australia 

10. Sweden

Some of the worst countries are:

150. Togo 

151. Rwanda 

152. Syria 

153. Tanzania 

154. Burundi 

155. Central African Republic 

To see the full list click: World Happiness Report 

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