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Detroit Man Spends Majority Of Lottery Winnings On Gold Chain… Then Lost It

Written by on June 10, 2021

After all that has changed in society economically, it may seem that winning the lottery would be received as an opportunity for progress. Well, think what you want. A man in Detroit won the lottery for $30,000. He then, spent $20,000 of it on a gold chain.
They say it was a typical afternoon at a West Warren gas station in Detroit, Michigan. Customers making purchases, buying gas and playing the lottery. It was just a few days after purchasing his brand new gold chain, Mr. Lottery man strolls up into the gas station and is noticed by a couple handymen looking to relieve him of his fine jewelry. On his way out, he received a light physical touch up and his chain snatched along with whatever cash he had.
There’s more to this story than I will tell you here but, the guy goes on to do a NEWS INTERVIEW while on the scene – hairstyle, as is👍🏽. This report is intriguing.

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