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Check How These 8 Zodiac Signs Spend Their Income Tax Refund

Written by on April 16, 2024

I found a funny article showing zodiac signs and how they spend their tax money.


Gemini – filed an extension because they misplaced their W2.

Scorpio – is busy burying assets in an offshore account and cash in their family plot.

Aquarius – hasn’t filed in years, believes that currency is a fetid social construct and can’t be traced to a known address.

Libra – got married for the incentives.

Capricorn – filed early.

Aries – folk are going through it and should be forgiven for doom-spending their tax return with impulse and flourish. Down payment on a motorcycle they are not licensed to drive or a welding starter kit they will never use?

Sagittarius – is ruled by good luck and good-times planet Jupiter. The general vibe of Jupiter is that more is more, and abundance is always available, thus scarcity becomes a foreign concept.

Sag spends it like they stole it because they genuinely believe they will always have enough, and why buy stocks when you can buy drugs? Why invest in the future when you can experience the now?

Pisces – is the sign of the ephemeral, the diluted, and the perpetually daydreaming. When that tax return cash hits their account, it feels like free money on a rainy day, and they spend it as such.

These 3 zodiac signs will totally blow their tax return this year (yahoo.com)

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