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CDC Mask Guidelines Reportedly Causing Increase In Vaccination Interest

Written by on May 29, 2021

Apparently, there has been a spike in COVID-19 vaccinations since the new guidance for masks. CNN reports people went to vaccines.gov to look up vaccination sites after the CDC announced the new mask guidelines. They recorded the second-highest number of visitors since the site went up on April 30th.

CNN reports the spike in vaccination site searches could be an indirect effect of the CDC announcement about masks. Because of the mask announcement the news site reports, it may have incentivized people to get vaccinated.

My thoughts on this are I don’t necessarily think the CDC announcement about masks is prompting people to get vaccinated. As a matter a fact I believe it’s the opposite.

I think two things – people are more confused and unsure than “incentivized”. Let’s face it there will be people who will not honest and put others at risk of contracting the virus. Secondly, the incentives being offered from state to state is whats also boosting the interest in vaccinations.

What are your thoughts on the CDC new guidelines for mask wearing or not if you are vaccinated?


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