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We did it! An all Rochester team. Tune in tonight at 12:30pm — Danielle Ponder (@danielleponder1) May 25, 2022

Do you have a Serena Williams trading card? One William’s card doubled the previous record for the sale of a trading card for a female athlete. According to a Sports Illustrated report, Ken Goldin founder of Goldin Auctions, tweeted that a 2003 Serena Williams NetPro signed rookie trading card sold for $266,000 last weekend. The […]

A woman shared a video of her date telling her to either walk home or go back to his place. In a series of viral videos, user @jaipurlan documents a date gone wrong after she rejected her date’s invitation to go back to his apartment. paid for my own meal, slid him gas and this […]

Known for being the king of short-form video. TikTok announced that it’s expanding the maximum length for uploads to 10 minutes. According to The Verge, TikTok has been testing ever-longer uploads for years, recently introducing three-minute videos last July, but this latest update is the largest increase yet, and will now roll out globally. Longer […]

A new study has shown that college students who “excessively” use social media had higher blood protein levels that indicate chronic inflammation. The study examined 251 undergraduate students between the ages of 18 and 24. The participants who frequented social media more had higher C-reactive protein (CRP) levels. CRP can be used to predict cancer, diabetes, […]

Is Facebook is making Americans society worse? A new CNN poll says Yes. With 76% to 11%, that Facebook makes society worse, not better. Another 13% say it has no effect either way. That broadly negative appraisal holds across gender, age and racial lines. Even frequent Facebook users — those who report using the site at […]

17-year-old Mikey Williams has signed a multiyear footwear and apparel endorsement deal with Puma. Williams is the first American high school basketball player to sign a sneaker deal with a global footwear company. The junior from Charlotte, North Carolina is a combo guard and just a few years away from being eligible for the 2024 NBA […]

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October 20, 2021

There’s a new viral trend on social media that I even participated in by using the red flag emoji. Initially the red flag emoji was used To talk about suspicious behaviors you’ll see while on the dating market. I’m actually enjoying looking at these red flags. Some of these posts are very funny. Have you […]

Have you ever went on a first date and realized it was a disaster but committed to seeing it through anyways? Well, this tik tok user @elysemyers shared her worst first date story which included 100 tacos from taco bell. Not only did she pay for the tacos but she drove 45 minutes to meet […]

A former Facebook product manager who released tens of thousands of pages of internal research and documents was revealed on a 60 Minutes interview. Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen worked on civic integrity issues at the company says the documents show that Facebook knows its platforms are used to spread hate, violence and misinformation. Plus, the […]

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