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The total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 will offer unprecedented opportunities for scientific study. The eclipse’s path, covering a densely populated corridor from Mexico through the U.S. to Canada, enables both professional scientists and “citizen scientists” to participate in a wide range of experiments. Activities planned include photographing the sun’s corona, observing animal behavior […]

Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have achieved a medical milestone by transplanting a kidney from a genetically engineered pig into a 62-year-old man, marking the first procedure of its kind. This groundbreaking operation offers hope to the hundreds of thousands of Americans suffering from kidney failure, as the transplanted kidney, which began producing […]

The Alabama Supreme Court’s recent ruling categorizes frozen embryos as “extrauterine children.” Stemming from a wrongful death lawsuit after a fertility clinic accident, the ruling aligns with the state’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act. The decision has led to a temporary halt in IVF treatments by some Alabama providers, with legislative clarifications pending. IVF […]

NASA, in collaboration with Intuitive Machines, has successfully dispatched a Lunar Library to the moon, featuring technology developed by Stampertech, a Rochester-based company. This initiative is part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services. The Lunar Library, etched onto nickel sheets, encompasses the entirety of the English Wikipedia, the Rosetta Project, and a comprehensive digital library […]

NASA plans to retire the International Space Station (ISS) by crashing it into the ocean at the end of 2030, marking the end of its over three-decade tenure orbiting Earth. The agency is collaborating with private companies—Axiom Space, Voyager Space, and Blue Origin—to develop a new space station that will be privately owned, built, and […]

At 90 years old, Ed Dwight, who was once on the path to becoming the first Black astronaut, is receiving recognition for his pioneering contributions. Growing up in segregated Kansas, Dwight’s fascination with flying led him to pursue an aviation career despite the racial barriers of the time. Selected by President John F. Kennedy’s administration […]

The FDA’s anticipated proposal to ban formaldehyde in hair straighteners is being criticized for being insufficient and far too late. Formaldehyde has been recognized as a carcinogen for over a decade, yet it continues to be used in products heavily marketed to Black women. The growing body of evidence linking hair straighteners to various cancers, […]

(WHAM) – SUNY Brockport is gearing up for a remarkable event in anticipation of the total solar eclipse this spring, set to occur on April 8. The university recently held a town hall outlining the planned activities for this rare celestial event, emphasizing its significance as it marks the first occurrence in the Rochester area […]

(CNN) – Vertex Pharmaceuticals announced the success of its experimental pain medicine, VX-548, in a late-stage clinical trial, showing promise as a safer alternative to opioids. The drug demonstrated superior pain relief compared to a placebo in patients undergoing abdominoplasty and bunionectomy surgeries without the safety concerns associated with opioids. Although VX-548 did not outperform […]

Deep Sea Vision, a South Carolina-based ocean exploration firm, revealed intriguing sonar images suggesting they may have located Earhart’s plane in the Pacific Ocean. These images were captured by an unmanned underwater drone operated by a 16-member crew, which meticulously surveyed over 5,200 square miles of seabed from September to December. The potential find was […]

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