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2020 presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden was trying a little too hard to get the Black vote. In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Joe Biden was asked several times why he should get votes and support from the Black community. Joe Biden kept referring to how often he’s been affiliated with Black […]

Rebecca Jones, the manager in charge of her team of scientists for logging all the digital Coronavirus cases for the state of Florida Health Department said, she was fired from her position because she refused to alter data to help the state reopen faster. The website was created by a team of scientists from the […]

Going into the Memorial Day weekend it was a little crazy in the city. No, correction, it was REALLY crazy in the city especially during this pandemic.  If case you been out of the loop there was about 300 people that decided to attend a block party on Rochester’s East Side of the city. Now […]

Some good news for county workers who have been working and at high risk of exposure to COVID-19. Monroe County Executive Adam Bello signed the resolution to grant hazard pay for county employees. So that would be for about 2,400 county workers according to They will be receiving 10% to 20% extra pay. The […]

Still haven’t received your stimulus check yet? You’re not alone around 4 million Americans are in the same boat. Now, you may not get a check at all! Instead, the IRS is now mailing out prepaid debit cards. EIP, or Economic Impact Payment cards will be sent out, over direct deposit or a check. The […]

If you have not received the email from Wegmans regarding the increase in costs due to COVID-19 it is in fact true – prices are going up. Wegmans sent an email out Wednesday to update us shoppers. In the email it mentioned the changes the grocery stores has faced in the last two months, which […]

A young man from New Mexico earned a job with the police department in his city after finding a large amount of money and turning it in. Jose Nunez Romaniz was at a Wells Fargo Bank ATM when he found a clear bag of money  containing $135k dollars. The young man quickly called the 1-800 […]

One February day a 25-year-old black man went for a jog in a Georgia neighborhood and was hunted down and killed by two white men. One May day a group of armed black men and women patrolled the same Georgia neighborhood, daring police or anyone else to meet them with the same force. As you […]

Nearly 2 months of being shut down New York State will be reopening for business in some regions. May 15th is the big day for the first phase of the reopening. Finger Lakes, Central New York, Southern tier, North Region, and Mohawk Valley are all partially back in business. Now the type of businesses reopening […]

********Spoiler Alert********** After 6 seasons and countless murders. ABC’s Hit TV Show “How To Get Away With Murder” starting Viola Davis has finally come to an end. Professor Annalise Keating played my Davis. Boldly addressed topics no other TV Network Drama has ever brought up before. Keating, and her cast of kids showed just about […]

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