Cardi B's Performance Of 'Be Careful' On SNL

Written by on April 9, 2018

First and foremost congratulations Cardi B on all of your blessings and success!!!
Durning her Saturday Night Live Performance she revealed she was indeed pregnant!!
Second, Cardi B’s performance was in all aspects artistically beautiful. It was another layer of Cardi that most have never seen and I’m sure did not expect. 
When so many people are afraid to be who they are Cardi shows us it is okay to be YOU and win at life regardless of what is thrown at you. It is rare we see an artist truly show you and be who they are in the entertainment industry Cardi is like a warm spring breeze after a long and cold winter, refreshing.
Her first full album “Invasion Of Privacy”  went gold the day it debuted making her the first female artist to accomplish that career milestone.
Not only that but the amount of support from celebrities like Rihanna, T.I., Swiss Beats, Missy Elliot, Ellen Degeneres, Erykah Badu, Timbaland, 2 Chainz, Green Day, Logic, and many many more is insane. I have never witnessed anything like it!

Cardi thank you for making us fall in love with Hip Hop all over again because that’s what just happened.
The hip hop Cinderella and damm it Cardi we are all here for it!!

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