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Bye Bye Blue Verification Checkmark

Written by on April 12, 2023

To some people, having that little blue checkmark next to their name on social media is worth more than gold. To others, it’s not even worth $8. To Elon Musk it seems to be the only way to bring in much-need revenue to the Twitter company.

The day we’ve been dreading is fast approaching! On April 20th 2023 all “legacy Blue Checks” will be removed from verified Twitter users who have not subscribed to Twitter Blue, a paid membership that adds a Blue, Gold or Grey checkmark next to your name.

If you want to sign up and save yourself some money, become a member directly on the web at Twitter.com to get the $8 monthly subscription. If you signup on the IOS Twitter App, you’ll be charged $11 per month!

I was verified on Twitter back in 2015 and personally haven’t experienced any real benefits to the so-called status badge. So you can count me in the list of verified users who will lose that Blue check next week. Last month, LeBron James said he would not pay, for the service. Author Stephen King also rejected the idea.

Elon Musk seems to understand that his company has to do more to entise users to become paid members; so he is planning to alter the way timelines are presented. Non-verified accounts will no longer be recommended in the “For You” section beginning April 15th.

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