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Black Woman Raises $100K for Defense Against Victoria Secret ‘Karen’

Written by on July 16, 2021

“Get her Away from me” the white lady screams as she chases the Black lady around the store.



It all started while Ijeoma Ukenta was picking out her free promotional at Victoria Secret in the Short Hills in New Jersey. Then here comes Abigail Elphick who cut in front of Ijeoma, basically pushing her out of the way. That’s when Ijeoma started filming. In the original video, you can see Abigail charging at her with an open fist.

But when she realizes that she’s being recorded, she instantly starts playing the victim and makes a whole big scene that last 15 minutes.

Besides the fact that Victoria Secret Karen called police and made a false report claiming to be the victim instead of the assailant, there are so many other disturbing elements of this encounter. Her video was taken off Tik Tok but other accounts were allowed to post it and amass thousands of views.

No one ever as Ijeoma if she was okay. Noone! But the police offered Abagail an ambulance and counselling, even though she was the attacker.

Click here for the full story. For now, let’s see what happens when the Police finally do show up.

(Peep the music at the end? LOL Irony)


Luckily the online community has come to Ijeoma’s rescue, donating over $100,000+  to help Ijeoma hire a lawyer to defend herself against the false police report and unfair treatment by mall security.
See the GoFund Me Account here.

“I am a Black Muslimah Nigerian AM and I was treated like it was 1920 in Short Hills Mall. I was assaulted and harassed by a white woman and and nothing was done by security nor the police. I’m looking to hire me an excellent attorney who can help me bring light to this wrong. All videos and updates on the situation are on my YouTube channel: Mama Africa Muslimah. I was kicked off a TikTok for posting what happened to me and they let someone else post and get millions and millions of views however they deleted 2 of my accounts of my accounts. One that I have for my Garden which was my original account and another 1 that I created after they deleted my main account. I have been wronged by Abigail Elphick (Karen in my videos,) Short Hills Mall security, Millburn Police Department, and most of all humanity. Please help me!”


Listen to the hurt in this Black Queen’s voice as she comes to grips with the fact that Michael Jackson was right…. they don’t really care about us.

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