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Black History: Bass Reeves

Written by on February 7, 2020

The Lone Ranger

Born into slavery on July 1838, in Crawford County, Arkansas Reeves family were property of Arkansas state legislator William Steel Reeves. Bass worked along with his parents and started out as a water boy until he was able to work the fields. They were relocated to Grayson County, Texas where Bass would serve George Reeves who was Speaker of the House. Bass parted from George most likely from a dispute over a card game that led to George beating him and fled into Indian territory. Bass took refuge with the Seminole he in Creek Indians learning several different languages even though he couldn’t read or write.


Bass Reeves moved back to Arkansas married Nellie Jennie had 11 children and farmed until 1875 when he was appointed deputy U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Arkansas making him the first black Deputy Marshal. During his career he arrested over 3,00 felons and killed 14 outlaws in self defense including the one he most known for the notorious outlaw named Bob Dozier.

Dozier was known as a jack of all trades laparkan.com/buy-prednisone/ when it came to crime ranging from bank robberies to murder. In 1897 Bass transferred to the Eastern District of Texas in Paris, Texas he was there for a short while before transferring to the Muskogee Federal Court. He worked for 32 years as a Federal Peace Officer in the Indian territory.

Bass was a marksman with a rifle and pistol, he had unprecedented detective skills, and even though he could not read or write but it didn’t affect his work. He would have someone read him warrants so he could memorize them and when asked to produce the warrant he would always pick the right one. Bass is arguably one of the most effective lawmen in history.

Bass always rode a white horse that is where the story of the Lone Ranger derived from. He was polite, courteous, and known for being well dressed and wearing a large hat. He died January 12, 1910 the exact location of his grave is unknown.

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