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Biden Says Getting Covid Shot is Your “Patriotic Duty”

Written by on April 22, 2021

President Biden addressed the Nation on Wednesday to celebrate another milestone in the Covid19 vaccine campaign. 200 million shots have been administered since he got into office three months ago.

As the focus of the promotional campaign switches focus onto working adults, Biden is calling on businesses to offer paid time of for employees to get vaccinated.
That PTO would be paid for by a new tax credit, funded by the American Rescue Plan.

In the speech below, you can hear the President admit that some people may need to take a day or so off work to recover from any side effects from the shot.
Most disturbingly, he calls the act of getting injected with a messenger RNA your “Patriotic Duty”.

Personally, I would stop short of calling it a patriotic duty, but if your job requires you to take the shot and you get sick from it, they should be required to cover your daily wages while you recover.

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