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Knoxville Police said multiple people, including an officer, were shot on Monday at Austin-East Magnet High School. The police department posted on social media that multiple agencies reported to the scene and urged people to avoid the area. The school superintendent report said, “the school building has been secured and students who were not involved […]

Way up yonder in Seattle, Washington a little ol’ place called Starbucks, which originated there, has decided to re-up on the cup. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, folks and philanderers, things are changing for the different. Nothin new here but, here we go! The company is launching an experimental two-month “borrow a cup” program at […]

 Season one of a new series on Amazon Prime called “Them” premiered on Friday, April 9th. The trailer gives the impression of a suspenseful horror film. It reminds me of an offset of the production style of the movie “Get Out” with the racial contrast included in the theme. The setting is described toward the […]

Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas has made a deal with Honeywell to release a new type of mask that features many amenities no other mask can offer. It’s called XUPERMASK, priced at $299. The designers of the XUPERMASK are Honeywell, and a guy named Jose Fernandez. Fernandez is the creative mind behind Elon Musk’s […]

A statement released on Twitter by NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea exposes the suspect involved in the brutal attack on the 65-year-old Filipino lady Monday, March 29th in Manhattan, N.Y. The man has been arrested. 38-year-old Brandon Elliott, the man identified in the attack, had already been on lifetime parole for previously being convicted of the […]

NYPD released surveillance footage of another elderly Asian woman being attacked on the street out in the open and nothing was done about it. No details about any verbal communication between the attacker and the victim but, on the video all you see is the two people walking toward each other and he just immediately […]

The historical plot thickens with rappers Saweetie and Quavo today. It appears there was some rough physical handling between the two on an elevator in the North Hollywood apartment building where Saweetie was living. TMZ broke a story after obtaining and releasing surveillance footage of, then couple, Quavo and Saweetie battling for a big case […]

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, the New York City Council voted to end qualified immunity for police officers. New York City is the first in the country to do so. This protection has allowed officers freedom from being held liable for their actions in the line of duty since 1967. With this clause, an officer […]

People keep catching footage of some major unknown vivid imagery floating through the skies lately. This video from CNN looks like a bunch of rockets. I’m always entertained by what ‘experts’ have to say though. This time, experts say it’s probably SpaceX dubris that was designed to burn up. Dubris in the atmosphere is said […]

There were so many murder mysteries, documentaries and movies you may have watched in the past where the anticipation was to solve the crime at the end but, that never happened. Here’s one that seems to turn that corner more than 40 years later. 29-year-old Evelyn Kay Day worked nights as a business lab monitor […]

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