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Angel J. Nelson Introduces the World to Trap Rock

Written by on April 13, 2024

In 2023, Angel J. Nelson, a 22-year-old college senior and hotel receptionist from Miami, Florida, introduced the world to “Trap Rock,” a fusion of Trap and Rock music. Her unique sound went viral on TikTok with the release of her single “Broke,” combining southern Rap beats with Rock influences, capturing 250,000 views and nearly 80,000 likes. Nelson’s music reflects her deep-rooted love for both genres, drawing inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson and Nicki Minaj, and resonating with her experiences in Miami’s vibrant Trap scene and her affinity for Alternative music.

Despite her busy schedule balancing academics at Florida International University and her job, Nelson continues to make waves in the music industry. She recently released a music video for her new single “FWM,” promising it to be even better than “Broke.” Nelson’s rise in the music scene is supported by a strong family background and a clear vision for her career, aiming to blend and innovate within her chosen genres. As she looks ahead, Nelson is focused on releasing an EP and shaping the future of Alternative Trap/Rock music, aspiring to inspire others and pave the way for artists like herself.

Source: BET

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