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Airline Passengers Might To Get On A Scale Before Getting On Flight

Written by on May 19, 2021

Have you been thinking about getting back in the gym and losing that  quarantine weight? You may benefit more from it than just having great health.

Airline passengers maybe require to step on a scale and be weighed before getting on a flight in the near future.
According to reports Delta Airline used to measure passengers weight to ensure the safety onboard the plane but that was a long time ago and that system is outdated.
Air carriers may have to bring that back because they’re saying With obesity on the rise in the america putting people back on the scale may have to be a option.
But before any of this can take action Reports airlines would be mandated to take surveys to set the standard average passengers wait and that goes for crew members passengers and luggage.
The FAA also suggests that air carriers do these surveys about every 36 months.
Nothing is set in stone yet about weighing passengers but the ideal is circulating.
We honor this is another way for these airlines to make more money.

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